Working with multiple monitors seem like a programmer’s heaven. Yes, it is. I like it. And now, I really enjoying my first vertical screen ever. Unfortunately I might only use this rotateable monitor this weeend.

The difficult thing about working with multiple monitors (then multiple tabs) is finding which the tab that currently you need it. Sometimes I need to scroll each tab to find the right tab and move mouse pointer to other monitors.

And the other get lost thing is when english is not your native language. You might miss the context in a informal conversation since mostly I learn english in a formal context.

I am a bit tired actually when writing this post. I’ve tried to get my Django app to return JSON value. Now I need to visualize this using d3.js In the morning, we had a djangolow-down by Mitch and we just finished OWASP Top 10 in Django by Brenton.

Then when I tried to post a blog on my wordpress blog, the Internet was not working. So, I wrote this blog in a git post. Hopefully the git push will work.