It’s almost a month passed by from MelbDjango camp. I was planning to write a short review about it. So, let’s just give it a start. Better late than never.

MelbDjango Camp

For me, Django community in Melbourne has been a very vibrant community. You name it! They have meetups, school, hack weekend and lastly the camp initiative. And I’ve learned a lot from the community.

The camp lasted for two days and two nights. Basically we working on our own Django projects. And when you got stuck on something, there’s always someone who will help you.

I was working on two Django projects. The first one, I was trying to visualize a Django app using d3.js Then the second one, I was trying to build a geographic information Django app. I also learned how to setup Django using PostgreSQL as the backend.

Other than that, there were three workshops. The first one was Django-low down (Django slow down). We’re going through the Django docs and start creating a Django application from the scratch.

The second was creating a vulnerable Django application. The reason was to prevent creating a vulnerable application by getting know what is a vulnerable Django application.

And the last workshop was about Django template. What has Django template working for us, why Django template is slow, and so on.

This camp was a great experience for me! I knew about redshift: an app that adjust your computer screen according to your position. At first I was surprised when I saw other’s monitor screen turning into red. Then I knew how to work on Django project tickets.